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I am Katya Clover :)
I live in Russia, I am 24 years old; I like to travel, see new cities and countries, meet interesting and unusual people, spend time in warm and wild places and I like (and always look for) adventures and extreme feelings!
I am true nudist and naturist, therefore I always prefer places where I can get nude and experience absolute freedom and unity with nature!
From time to time work for met-art, x-art, femjoy, joymii, nubulefilms, watch4beauty and other nude and erotic art sites and studios. Fortunately it’s not my job and I work only for people who respect me as human and do not think that money is everything…
In addition to that I created my own site dedicated to my real life pictures and videos and extended by creative (and sometimes quite shameless, sorry!) photography which I personally like. Enjoy, thank you and have a nice day!


Katya Clover

    Photo, rejected on microminimus :)

    Photo, rejected on microminimus :)

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